A Long Strange Trip

It’s been just over two years since I’ve written. I sincerely apologize for our extended hiatus.

A perfect storm of many factors combined into near doom for our aspirations. This is entirely my fault. My over-ambition was fed by promises of large scale funding that never materialized. I invested too much of my monthly income into upkeep of infrastructure that was entirely unsupported. Individual contributions to the weekly bulletin dwindled, due to everyone’s lives transitioning into new stages. Finally, hosting for our stream was abruptly cut off, with no warning, and my backup plan was not in place.

I was simply unprepared to support the bulletin and the stream on my own. Let alone have the time and energy to continue filming YouTube content. So I had to make a tough decision. Keep chugging forward, and dig myself into deeper debt, while my domestic and financial responsibilities continued to suffer. Or, go on hiatus, and take a job opportunity that paid well, but would keep me traveling and away from any semblance of an anchored stable home life.

So I took this job that required me to travel. My income dramatically increased which allowed me to almost entirely alleviate my debt, and better position myself to dedicate more time and energy into all things /k/Radio. It worked. But not before falling and busting my foot in four places. Luckily three of the fractures healed. The last is a floating chunk of bone that really won’t improve my mobility by removing it, and only runs the risk of further disability with surgery. I spent almost a year recovering from my crumpled foot. I had all that time to formulate the comeback for Kommando Radio.

Currently, I have the capability to do YouTube and Soundcloud uploads. I am starting there. I hope that with time and support we can get our stream back and running. We have had quite a few requests to get things like the numbers stations, boots, and at least battle marches streaming again. I hope we can do this sooner than later.

I plan to do Vlog/Podcast style of show once a week on YouTube. This would include highlights from my week focusing on /k/ related activities, reflection of firearms news stories of the week, /k/ community based discussion, and even some philosophy and politics related topics. As well, I plan to do voice and video skits, dramatic readings of unusual content, gear reviews, /k/ related skills training and video tours of historical sites and museums. It’s not the /k/Radio it once was, but it’s something.

In addition, we are planning a line of merchandise to help support our efforts. We currently have stickers, patches and a t-shirt in the works. Also, several people have suggested that I set up a Patreon page. But I’m a bit averse to e-begging. Maybe once we have something to actually donate to, then it would make more sense. I would like to be able to do this full-time. Since I cannot expect YouTube and Google to keep us rolling in the advert bux, we’ll probably have to end up doing that.

So thank you for your patience, and the many kind words from longtime listeners at events like Nuggetfest.

We are working to deliver you the best weirdest in firearms news and entertainment.