Overdue Update

5/21/17 - By Dave


Well, what can I say. The software side of the server is progressing slower than we would like. Apparently getting everything to play nice together requires a bit more tinkering than we initially thought. Our legacy programming is up and running. It may yet be a few more weeks until we can launch our new programming. At least you don’t have to listen to Boots 24/7/365.


The slow progress is not just due to software issues. A lot can be attributed to the volunteer nature of what we’re doing. Keep in mind we all have 9 to 5 gigs, whether that be school or work. It’s hard for me to find a balance between knife handing, pressure cooker drill instructor, and laid back leadership, so I prefer to be pretty chill.


I don’t want to be the guy who stacks demands on someone who finally gets a day off of work, or only has a few weeks of vacation before having to go right back into the grind of a STEM degree. So we’re kind of like Project Mayhem, you decide your level of involvement, and the product will depend on the commitment and enthusiasm of everyone involved.


Don’t be dismayed by our lack of progress. What we’re doing here will eventually have a greater social and political impact than can be imagined at this early gestational phase. We’re creating a platform that any Kommando can participate in. We’re carefully vetting the content we air on our radio stream and YouTube channel. So anyone who can meet the very fair criteria we’ve come up with can produce their own original content and eventually get paid to do it.


We want to present the hobby and lifestyle side of firearms as responsibly and light heartedly as possible. At the same time we want to make it as educational and accessible to everyone. I’ve said a thousand times that any pro-Second Amendment voter is an ally, regardless of their other political or social dispositions. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is the cornerstone of a free and sound Democracy. Without it, the integrity of all our other rights dissolves. So we’re going after hearts and minds and cosmoline in inappropriate places, or something.


I’m also going to be shitposting live every Friday evening -when this software stuff gets unfucked.


I have been brainstorming programming ideas for the stream. I’ll eventually put up a poll, or make DJ Ivan do it -he’s the Program Director, so that everyone can chime in about what they want to hear. So if you don’t want to hear “Actual Drill Instructors Berate You for Half an Hour”, or “Pigs Squealing While Babies Cry with Bone Breaking Sound Effects to Tiny Tim’s Top Hits” then you’ll have to let us know. Because we will play the shit out of that stuff otherwise. We’re a tad mental, if you didn’t already know.


The Kraut will be taking over YouTube maintenance, and has the new title of News Director. His team in the midwest has been doing outstanding video reporting of events out there, and more content is in the works. Here innadesert, Rah and I are going to be starting production on some Medical Korps and Supply Korps content.


I intend to break down Tactical Combat Casualty Care for All Combatants (TCCC-AC) and Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) into a series of educational videos. As well we are going to test and compare equipment and supplies, and I’ll give you my recommendations based on my years of experience. I will also be trying to get other medical professionals to chime in and give us their advice as well.

Eventually, when we get our webstore up. We will have all of the supplies, equipment and gadgets we recommend available for purchase. As well, we will have Kommando Radio branded merchandise, and some original designs as well available for you. You don’t want to spend a single dime on garbage, and we will be able to guarantee the quality and longevity of the items we sell. Also in the nebula of ideas is having custom nylon gear and clothing sets made. I don’t want to reveal too much, and get everyone’s hopes up, but some of the ideas we’ve come up with are freakin’ bitchin’.

So right now it seems like we’re wishing in one hand, and shitting in the other. But stay tuned, you will see and hear our progress for yourselves!

So stay tuned!

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