Your company's brand, personality, and product descriptions can be delivered directly to listeners of the most unique and zany firearms news and entertainment network ever created. We reach a broad demographic range of firearms, military and history enthusiasts around the world. Maximize your advertising dollar with us. We offer some of the lowest, rock bottom advertising rates in the entire industry. Like, shamefully low. Our rates are oriented towards the upstarts and the underdogs, as we are one ourselves. Grow with us!

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Kommando Radio's listener Demographics are extremely broad. They include 16-45 year-old male and females, with incomes ranging from 35-75k per year including outliers earning 100k plus. In straightforward terms, anyone who has an interest in firearms, militaria, history, humor, or any combination thereof, can hear about your products or services on Kommando Radio.

To keep the ads we run relevant to our listeners, and maximize the value of your advertising dollars, we can only accept ads for products and services relevant to our listener base.

We also ask that your company have an internet presence, and ideally e-commerce capability.

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