Founded by Kommandos in 2012.


Originally a fun little project made just to see where it would go, the Radio died after a lack of funding in 2013. Kommando Radio was resurrected by DJ Ivan in 2014. That summer, our announcer Dave was brought on to be the voice of the broadcast, and start a weekly news show. The rest is all downhill and filled with violence, shame, nudity and extreme profanity.


The Assholes Responsible for This

DJ Ivan
Programming Manager, Technical Director

"Dammit, Dave! Stop adding hooker references to the website!"
--DJ Ivan

General Manager, Talent-less Hack

"DJ Ivan is a hooker."


Contributors, Reporters & Staff

Senior Correspondent

Skinwalker Texas Ranger
Senior Correspondent

Senior Correspondent

Senior Correspondent,
El Pistolero

The Kraut
Correspondent, Field Reporter

Correspondent, Ammosexual

Marketing Director and Field Reporter 

Miles Paratus
Syria/ISIS correspondent

Flandre and Mugichan
Our resident AK expert and her husband.

Correspondent in Absentia

Server Ivan
Based Serverbro.
Keeps the lights on.

No One Cared Who He Was Until He Put On The Mask

Shia LeBeouf
Laughing Stock

Open Positions

Content Contributor

You too can contribute to Kommando Radio. Do you have what it takes? No? That's OK, neither do we. Is that Hoppe's No.9, cordite, and hot dogs I smell? You'll fit in here nicely. I hope you're not expecting much in the way of compensation, but we will throw t-shirts, stickers and patches at you. If you stick around long enough and grow with the station, we'll eventually pay you real shekels to record content for us.



Various Other Positions

Is there something you can do to help? Do you like firearms, weapons, military history, and hearing yourself talk? We need your support!

While we're always looking for content contributions, we're going to need help in other areas too. We could use Producers for the various shows we do, and probably other things we haven't thought of yet. If you have an idea, or naked pictures of Kate Beckinsale, we want to talk to you!



  • A relaxed but professional personality.

  • Naked pictures of Kate Beckinsale.

Join The Team! Yay!

Watch this space. No, seriously. Watch it.
It's going to do something really cool soon, just keep staring at it.
Give it a few more minutes.

For everything that's radio stream, website, or management related, email:

For everything news or podcast related, email


As of the current date, Kommando Radio has never received a search warrant or any classified request for information. If we ever receive such a request, we would let the public know it existed. We would also probably wipe our ass with it.