Boots, Moving Up and Down Again.

There's no discharge in the war! Kommando Forces Network aims to bring you catchy tunes and the best independent firearms news, comedy, and education in the business.

Established MMXIV


We are in the process of rebuilding our stream and getting our server online. While we are unable to give you a definitive time frame, we apologize profusely and appreciate your patience. Pls no bully.


Programming blocks

  • 00:00-03:00: Firewatch (Slower, easy on the ears music, like blues or folk)

  • 03:00-06:00: Grab Bag (Smorgasbord of Rock, etc.)

  • 06:00-09:00: Reveille (Military Marches)

  • 09:00-12:00: Grab Bag (Smorgasbord of Rock, etc.)

  • 12:00-15:00: Daily Block (See right column)

  • 15:00-18:00: Grab Bag (Smorgasbord of Rock, etc.)

  • 18:00-21:00:International (Traditional war songs from around the world, including Russia, Germany, and others)

  • 21:00-24:00: Jazz (actual Jazz, not Kenny G shit)

Daily blocks

  • Metal Monday: Metal and assorted rock

  • Troop Tuesday: Military Marches

  • Vietnam Wednesday: Late 60's and 70's Music popular with US soldiers in 'Nam.

  • Classical Thursday: Classical Music

  • Freeplay Friday: Extra Grab Bag, and maybe some live DJing every once in a while.

  • Atomic Saturday: CONELRAD Radio Dramas/PSAs, Nuclear-related music, and Fallout playlists.

  • PsyOps Sunday: Guantanamo playlist, and other creepy stuff.

The Kommando Forces Network:
Keeping you up to date on Firearms Legislation and World Conflict.



Kommando Forces Network publishes content from independent producers for webcast on any firearms, weapons, military, or self defense subject matter. Contact us on the About page to see how you can get published!

Kommando news

A weekly news show, with occasional comedy, providing analysis and insight of the past week's firearms, weapons, and war related stories, reported by independent volunteer journalists.

Additional Shows:

All Rounds Expended (coming soon)

A weekly show that consists of the biggest stories of the past week and politically incorrect insights on quirky and mainstream topics in war, life, violence, and entertainment, all brought alive through the sound of flatulence.

This Week in War (coming soon)

A weekly, in depth review and analysis of historical events that occurred the past week, years ago.